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ATM withdrawal Issue

Hamza910 Member Posts: 1
Hi, this is Hamza. Yesterday I used my Payoneer debit/master card on Askari Bank's ATM (National Stadium Branch, Karachi) around 11:45 morning. Machine received my card. I had 31$ in my account. I asked for 3000 Rupees withdrawal but nothing happened, I didn't received any receipt or cash from machine I waited 10 minutes, then I again tried with 2000 Rupees withdrawal and waited 15 minutes but nothing happened. Nither I revived any receipt nor any cash. Then I immediately checked my Payoneer account from my app & the amount was deducted from the card. I walked into the bank and tell them about the situation the told me that I have to contact payoneer for this issue. I am pretty much disappointed from Askari Bank's service but I hope Payoneer will help me out as I never get any problem by payoneer since 2016. I urgently need to have that cash but I am stuck badly now. I hope you guys will do something.



  • arsalanasho
    arsalanasho Member Posts: 1
    hey hamza!
    Yar mujhe batadoge k payoneer withdrawal ka method kiya hay or kis card say or bank.
    Kuch bhi nhi pata
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 176

    Hi, @Hamza910

    We understand your concern, but please rest assured that there is nothing to worry about. Such situations happen due to lack of cash in the ATM machine or a simple system bug in the ATM. Most likely, the funds are currently on hold and were not charged yet. In case of such situation, the funds may be held for a few days before being released back to your balance (the number of days depends on the ATM).

    Please provide your customer ID in private message for us to be able to have a closer look or contact the customer support.

    Thank you