Missing money

KiloconKilocon Member Posts: 3
I had a balance of 107 USD in my account. I made a purchase of approximately 43 USD and now am left with a balance of 17 USD....


  • KiloconKilocon Member Posts: 3
    Well, some updates. Now that the activity section of my account has updated, it shows 3 attempted online purchases that I did try to do. The 3 attempted purchases would not work though due to me using the prepaid Payoneer card (the online merchant doesn't accept prepaid cards). I have gone ahead and sent a ticket to the merchant in regards to this to see if there is something they can do on their end.
  • KiloconKilocon Member Posts: 3
    Sidenote: also just noticed that there is a notice within the upcoming transaction section states that they haven't affected my balance yet when they have. Tad confused here now...
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