Adding Fiverr for Direct Deposit Gets Error Message

Abanomi24Abanomi24 Member Posts: 4
I have sent four emails to support without a response. When I try to add Payoneer through my Fiverr account to establish direct deposits I get an error message saying my payment method cannot be changed and to contact you. Would someone please help me out? I am getting quite frustrated with never getting a response for over 2 weeks and 3 emails.

My Customer ID is 27294888


  • Abanomi24Abanomi24 Member Posts: 4
    I have PayPal available and can click on it and withdraw funds. The Fiverr Revenue Card option is grayed out and says "Waiting for card issuer approval" when I hover over it. The Direct Deposit option sends me an automated email from Fiverr. When I click on the link to add Direct Deposit on the site the email takes me to I get the error message noted in my original comment.
  • Abanomi24Abanomi24 Member Posts: 4
    I would say that is highly likely. How do we correct this then?
  • Abanomi24Abanomi24 Member Posts: 4
    Dan - That's the problem. I have tried emailing many times with no response. So emailing what you have suggested will only help if someone at your company actually answers me. Do you have someone I can be contacting directly rather than the help system where no one gets back to me?
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