I want to open a Payoneer Business account

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I have developed an iOS app and I want to integrate Payoneer payment gateway to accept international payments and at the same time enable users of the app to make the payments each other. My requirement is as follows,
1) User A on my app should be able to make payment to User B, by using a Payoneer payment gateway via credit card, debit card, bank account etc
2) User A should be able to make payment to the app, for the service rendered, via credit card, debit card, bank account etc.
3) Target audiences are global

Please let me know if this is possible in Payoneer Payment gateway.



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    Thanks for the reply. My apologies, if payment gateway did bring any confusion. Its all my own assumptions and nobody has suggested on that.
    Per your reply, it looks like we can not have a payment gateway as such with Payoneer. If not the payment gateway, can I just use it as payment solution? I mean, my requirement would be as follows.

    1. Users get benefitted on the service I provided through my app and they are happy about it. They
    want to appreciate the platform, so they would want to make the payment to the app team. So
    they would go to Payoneer Payment interface(integrated within app), enter the price and currency
    details. Now interface would ask users to provide either Credit card, Debit Card or Savings,
    Checking account OR any other payment service details(like PayPal) and the user would be able to
    make the payment to app team.
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    What if I integrate Payoneer payment platform within an app? if the user to user transaction is not possible, Can I at least receive payment worldwide? I mean, is it possible to integrate Payoneer within my app so that, I can receive payments from users of my app.
    My apologies, if you think I am asking the same question. I just want to double check on this.
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    Hi Dan, Thank you so much for patiently answering all my questions. I appreciate that. Now its clear that, I cannot use Payoneer as a payment gateway for my app. No worries, I will look for an alternative solution.
    At the same, I am just curious to know, why Payoneer is still not in the space of Payment gateway. OR do you have any plan in near future to provide that as one of the options?
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