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Bank account confirmation code

My Payoneer Global Payment Service GBP bank account number has been added in my PayPal account. PayPal sent an small amount with a verification code to my GBP bank account.

Please help me confirm my bank account on PayPal. Support Ticket Reference #180716-010981


  • ashrafsayedgomaa
    ashrafsayedgomaa Member Posts: 4
    same issue here
    I am confirming my PayPal account, they deposited 0.01 GBP
    I should see the description of payment like:
    PP* 1234 CODE
    but I can see it as
    Paypal - XX-###### (My Name)

    I can't find the 4 digits code
  • Okey63
    Okey63 Member Posts: 2
    Same problem for me. I cannot find paypal PIN.
  • ashrafsayedgomaa
    ashrafsayedgomaa Member Posts: 4
    so, who can help us in this?
  • RelyCP
    RelyCP Member Posts: 6
    I got the verification code by creating a support ticket. :)

    But remember, you will get PayPal verification code for US and UK/GBP bank only. You never get a code for EUR bank confirmation. Because Payoneer has a limited access on EUR bank "Wiredemm/Wirecard" in Germany. But, Payoneer has full access at GBP bank "Barclays" in UK.

    Create a support ticket to get your GBP bank PayPal confirmation code.