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Link PayPal to Payoneer

I am confirming my PayPal account, they deposited 0.01 GBP
I should see the description of payment like:
PP* 1234 CODE
but I can see it as
Paypal - XX-###### (My Name)

I can't find the 4 digits code

How can I get the code?


  • Bakly
    Bakly Member Posts: 2
    I had sent 1 Dollar from my paypal account to Payoneer and the dollar came but after awhile they took it back and became in the upcoming transactions and they said
    PAYPAL has placed a temporary hold for the indicated amount
    can u please help me cause i want to send a big amount to payoneer
  • Okey63
    Okey63 Member Posts: 2
    Same issue for me, please help!
  • ashrafsayedgomaa
    ashrafsayedgomaa Member Posts: 4
    Hi Dan_Payoneer ,
    I am trying to link PayPal with Payoneer, so PayPal sends 0.01 GBP with a code to Payoneer so to confirms the bank account
    I received it but the description was: Paypal - XX-###### (My Name), and not as PayPal said it will be in the format: PP* 1234 CODE

    I need the 4 digits code

    I took bank information from here:
  • Nabilamn91
    Nabilamn91 Member Posts: 1
    I love PayPal or Payoneer