How do I disassociate my payoneer account from my upwork account?

ahmed_Eahmed_E Member Posts: 9
I want to disassociate my payoneer account from upwork?


  • ahmed_Eahmed_E Member Posts: 9
    Hello Dan,

    I want to link my payoneer bank account rather than the payoneer card.
    I mistakenly linked upwork with payoneer card.
  • ahmed_Eahmed_E Member Posts: 9
    edited July 2018
    Hey dan,

    I currently haven't linked my bank account with payoneer, I only have a bank account in dollars, but when I tried adding a bank account I were given only an option to add it in local currency.

    is there any way to withdraw from payoneer in dollars ( given that I'm from Egypt )?
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