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Ability to withdraw balance from blocked account

ruba Member Posts: 2
I am working with Upwrok platform, two moths ago, I signed up to payoneer from my Upwork account in order to withdraw my money to my bank account in Qatar.

I have Syrian citizenship but I live and work in Qatar. after verification, Payoneer opened my account and I started to receive payments in my Payoneer account.

Suddenly, and after I received multiple payments, Payoneer closed my account and asked for more verification documents to allow me to reenable my account.

They are asking for ID and prof of address verification. I sent them my Qatari resident Permit and bank statements that shows clearly that I live in Qatar, but they specifically asked for utility bills in my name, which I don't have as my flat in Qatar are rented with water and electricity free.

I sent them all the documents I have(including my mobile phone bill, my health card, my debit card…) but still they kept asking for same documents every time.

I understand there are sanctions on Syrian entities and businesses, but I'm familiar with the US law, and these sanctions are ONLY for people and companies based in Syria,,, and not simply any holder of Syrian citizenship.

Right now, Payoneer is blocking my money ( which I need urgently!! ) and not allowing to withdraw the money to my QATARI bank account. Even though I told them to permanently close my account but give me my money!!!

I don't want to deal with Payoneer anymore because of this way of dealing. But I need only to get my money that Payoneer is blocking.

Anyone has been through this situation and found a solution??


  • ruba
    ruba Member Posts: 2
    any feedback to my question??
  • AAlakkad
    AAlakkad Member Posts: 2
    I'm living in Turkey and having an issue with disabled account, Thank god there's no money there.

    I don't know what's wrong with this company, they just ask for very strange documents that are impossible to exist!
  • maysanshawa
    maysanshawa Member Posts: 2
    same case here .i did have an open account on payoneer and did several operations until today. im syrian with a work permit in turkey and did provide all needed documents to insure that. im also aware sanctions are only on syrian companies or individuals within syria. my question is "why open an account only to block it later?" thats a fails in payoneer's system in my opinion