Integrating my Payoneer service with Invoicing websites

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So i am looking to get a Payoneer account an i want to link it to Envoice to use Payoneer as a payment gateway but does Payoneer accept Discover cards for payment processing?


  • faisal84faisal84 Member Posts: 4
    What about for

    It says that we can use Payoneer as a payment option and my clients can click on Pay now on an invoice and they will be redirected to Payoneer where they can use to pay the invoice with a credit card or echeck without being a payoneer customer.

    So if i use payoneer as a payment option on avaza will they be able to use Discover credit card then? or is it upto Avaza what cards they take?
  • faisal84faisal84 Member Posts: 4
    No there is no condition as to whether i can accept Discover, the reason i was asking is i know a few of my clients have used Discover before to pay me.

    I will let you know what happens.
  • faisal84faisal84 Member Posts: 4
    Also, not to be annoying with all these questions. But i just asked Avaza about the discover cards and this is their response: "If you add Payoneer as a payment method, you can get paid via any methods/cards they support."

    So what cards do you support?
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