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I cannot send a payment.

I want to pay someone with payoneer.

I signed over a week ago already.

It says "Before you can make a payment,You need to receive additional payments"

I uploaded everything, my passport, submitted the questionnaire, uploaded everything they ask.

Are you telling me that before I can send someone a payment, someone else has to send me a payment? I really hope not because that is a really stupid system. What if I don't need anyone to send me money and I just want to be the one sending?

I am getting very frustrated. Can someone please tell me how I can allow payoneer to let me send payments?


  • timewizardstudios
    timewizardstudios Member Posts: 2
    Yes I am looking to pay someone. They said they cannot take Paypal they can only take Payoneer. So I made a payoneer account to pay them but there I still cannot send them money. Please walk me through how I can pay someone on payoneer.