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I so badly regret using this service.

So I spoke to someone using the live chat about why my application was rejected- because it's one thing for my application to be rejected, it's another thing for me to get charged for a service and then have my application rejected. So I'm concerned and i send an email saying "why was my application rejected? To the best of my knowledge I have followed the rules."

Then I get no response- today in live chat when I ask how I even fell foul of the rules I'm told, "This information cannot be disclosed, but this line of business clearly goes against our Terms & Conditions"

Ok, so basically let me get this right
1. You charged me for the service
2. You denied the application after I responded to an email asking me to put a link on my website or something or the other.
3. You won't explain what I did wrong- just that I did something wrong- my business did something wrong and you want me to read the same terms and conditions that I did before and establish again that I did nothing wrong.

Another question I asked is- what's the way forward?" and the answer is "Use the global payment service."
I didn't sign-up for this service to use GPS, I didn't refer this platform to other people to use GPS.

How is any of this even mildly helpful?