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Why should one use the prepaid card over the bank withdrawal?

Antares Member Posts: 2
First off I would like to say that I love payoneer. It makes me eligible for payments with amazon, adsense and plenty of other sites which don't support my country which is amazing. Great stuff you're doing here.

Anyways, to the question. So, as I understand it, ATMs/stores take some fees whenever you withdraw money from the card, which is understandable, especially since I get paid in another currency.

So why would I not just choose to deposit to my local bank? Of course, there are fees there are as well, but are they higher? I would guess that a card would be better for lower payouts, and a bank withdrawal would be better for higher payouts, is this about right?

I've read about the fees but it isn't entirely clear to me. It said only a 1-2% fee for withdrawing to bank which cannot be right as they are wiring the money, right? Does anyone have some math on this? I would appreciate and answer as I will soon be due to receive my first of hopefully many payments. Thanks.


  • Antares
    Antares Member Posts: 2
    Hey I replied to your message a few days ago. I went to edit it (the quoting was off) and it disappeared. A quick message flashed saying that it was under review or something, I didn't really catch it. Did you get it?