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I am from Pakistan. I did some work for a client in India. Now there is a problem of money transfer. My question is that can I receive the payment from India by payoneer? Moreover, I do not have the MasterCard with me. So can I have this money transferred directly to my bank account?

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    Hi, let's see how we can assist.
    The ability to send funds is not solely depending on location, and there are ways to simplify the process. Is it okay to ask where you landed the project with your client, was it a freelance marketplace?

  • ayeshakayani96ayeshakayani96 Posts: 3Member
    Yes, I worked as a freelancer for that Indian client. If I request her a payment from Payoneer account will I get that money transferred to my bank account? or I will use that by the MasterCard. and I have not ordered a MasterCard yet.
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    Excuse me.... when they give my card?
  • ayeshakayani96ayeshakayani96 Posts: 3Member
    My Customer ID 27435735.
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