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Very disappointed

I have been working with you and receiving payments for months. Everything always worked fine. Payments are always made from the same initiator which was reviewed and approved when I signed up. Now all of a sudden I am told that any future payments will be rejected. I asked customer services and they say they don't know why and don't know the reason. What kind of service is that?! So all of a sudden you decide to decline future payments from a company where nothing has changed and that is in line with your terms and conditions. Oh, you want a reason? Nope, we just felt like declining them, out of a whim. Can't give a reason. Not professional at all!!


  • erinkoh
    erinkoh Member Posts: 13 ✭✭

    Hi Dan

    We would like to confirm trading company , distribution company is under Payoneer associate list ?

  • Majeed5370
    Majeed5370 Member Posts: 4
    Hello sir i linked the payoneer with my fiverr account but i don't know Payoneer application for Fiverr Revenue Card has been declined.please activate my Fiverr revenue button so i can attach payoneer again.
    i also mailed to Fiverr he says contact to payoneer for solving this issue.Please see attached file.
    I want you solve my issue so i can withdraw money through payoneer card.