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asifrehmanasifrehman Posts: 31Member

Hey Friends Asif Rehman here from Pakistan. Payoneer recently approved my Master Card and Its enjoyable moment for me. Now waiting for my card to be arrived to my home. I am also new in this community, hoping best to learn something new about payoneer system.


  • DavidDavid Posts: 3,556Member ✭✭

    Welcome to the Payoneer Forum.


    Congratulations on your card, we look forward to your feedback.

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  • DeviLDeviL Proud Member of Payoneer Posts: 264VIP Member ✭✭

    wolcome to payoneer forum! stay connected =)

  • asifrehmanasifrehman Posts: 31Member

    Thanks for warm welcome. My card has been approved and I am waiting for it to be arrived at my home address.

  • DeviLDeviL Proud Member of Payoneer Posts: 264VIP Member ✭✭

    happy to hear that, wish you a great time with payoneer service =)

  • asifrehmanasifrehman Posts: 31Member

    Love the appreciation at payoneer.

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