Paypal withdrawal through global payments

My wages are paid into PayPal. A few days ago I attempted to withdraw to my Payoneer account. That payment is now pending a diligence check; I have supplied the requested explanation and documents.
Is there any way to ensure that this does not happen every month?
Waiting a week every month for fund clearance is too stressful and inconvenient!

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  • MrBizMrBiz Member Posts: 5
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    My payment has been successfully loaded.


  • MrBizMrBiz Member Posts: 5
    This is the third day and still waiting. I was told by customer service that it might be another 24 to 48 hours until there is a decision.
  • MrBizMrBiz Member Posts: 5
    I supplied Payoneer Customer Support with screenshots of my Paypal profile, Paypal transactions, my work contract and payslip promptly upon request. Customer service told me up to 72 hours and then extended that by 48 hours, a total of 120 hours to complete authorization of this transaction. That delay has now expired and with it Payoneer's benefit of the doubt.
  • MrBizMrBiz Member Posts: 5
    In case the moderator would be so kind as to follow up:
    My customer number is: 3844501
    Transaction ID: 88049654
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