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Can't order card

AinzOal Member Posts: 2
Hi, why is your service so complicated. I created my account before and had card but ever since I forgot my email and because I couldn't recover it I made new payoneer account. I have received 50$ from Paypal on this second account and it's still telling me that I'm not eligible for payoneer card even though I was before? Now those 50$ are just number on screen for me while you get to collect interest and keep it. :/


  • AinzOal
    AinzOal Member Posts: 2
    You are saying and I quote u "We are not basing our profit on holding funds online" and yet funds received from Paypal doesn't accumulate threshold neither you are allowed to send them to another Payoneer account. What's the reason for such choice except to maximize profits? So to use payoneer service you need to receive every few months payment from CPA or Freelancer services or otherwise you won't be able to renew your pre-existing Payoneer Preload card. First you charge 3$ for every payment received from Freelancer service, second you charge 30$ annually for Payoneer preload card and third you try to limit new users to keep their money and earn interest on it. You are turning into second Paypal that limits users for no reason and that try's to keep their money for as long as possible. BBB and such should take closer look at your business model. Also you are telling me to send you Customer ID but it's obivous that you don't give flying F, because I already PM-ed you, you only care for what other users will see and think about your organization online.