Argentina Error 30 anyone? / Alguno con error 30 en los Posnet?

JeanDGJeanDG Member Posts: 1
Hi! I've been having issues since yesterday- I've made 2 purchases in the morning without any issue. Then in the afternoon I tried on 2 different shops and the POS gave me a "Code Error 30" we tried a few times with no success.

I wrote to support, they checked and answered back saying that my card was OK, have funds and everything seem smooth.

I went on and tried today again and got the same error! I've already written back to support. I want to know if anyone else is having the same issue.

He estado teniendo problemas comprando por Postnet en tiendas con la tarjeta. Alguno de ustedes ha tenido el mismo problema? El codigo de error es "30".

Esto fue en La Plata, tenggo mas de un año usandola sin mayores problemas.



  • JaztubertJaztubert Member Posts: 1
    Hi! Yes, I´ve been having the same error for over a week now. I also wrote to support and they said everything is ok, but it obviously isn´t. I just got the same error in a store where I always buy. The last 10 times I tried to buy something, 7 times I got the error. I will write to support again, but something is going on. I had been using my card for 4 years now without any problem. If anyone knows a solution please let me know.

    Hola, sí, he estado teniendo el mismo problema. También le escribí a soporte y me dijeron que todo estaba bien con mi tarjeta, pero obviamente algo pasa. Me acaba de suceder otra vez en una tienda en la que compro siempre. De las últimas 10 veces que intenté usarla, 7 me dio el mensaje de error y no pude pagar. Voy a escribir al soporte nuevamente, pero algo está sucediendo. La he utilizado durante 4 años sin problemas hasta la semana pasada.
    Yo estoy en Bariloche. ¿A alguien más le está sucediendo? ¿Alguna solución?
  • faOlfaOl Member Posts: 2
    Yo tuve el mismo problema. Hace años uso la tarjeta y nunca tuve los problemas que tuve esta semana. Además, tampoco puedo extraer normalmente en los cajeros de la red Link, da un error de límite de extracción o algo así. Si tienen novedades, aguardo los comentarios.
  • mefaumefau Member Posts: 2
    Hola. Tengo el mismo problema desde ayer. Sale "error" o "denegada". Hace tres años que la uso.
  • mefaumefau Member Posts: 2
    Soy de Buenos Aires.
  • mga71mga71 Member Posts: 7
    Hola, soy de Río Cuarto, Córdoba, y tengo el mismo problema, error 30, error de formato. Intente en 2 negocios varias veces y el mismo problema. En cajero link de Bco Nacion me da error de limite de extraccion. Jamas tuve este problema, hace casi 10 años que tengo la tarjeta
  • PaulinaGallPaulinaGall Member Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problem.
  • mfpmfp Member Posts: 8
    Hi Dan, yes we are having trouble using the card. We have two ATM providers, Link & Banelco. Link is not giving money in the ATMs and Banelco depends from the card. I have this problem from Tuesday 21st. Now the same problem is in sale points. So, is it possible that Mastercard is having problems with Link ATMs and POS in all Argentina? Thank you for your help.
  • mga71mga71 Member Posts: 7
    Hi Dan! Yes I have the problem on all stores, tried many times, and on Link ATM, Banelco have not tried again
  • mfpmfp Member Posts: 8
    Yes Dan, the same error E-029 in ATMs, in POS "Not valid"
  • mfpmfp Member Posts: 8
    Is it possible to Payoneer to consult with Mastercard Argentina if they have trouble with international prepaid cards? So we have a official answer.
  • mga71mga71 Member Posts: 7
    Yes, please contact Mastercard Argentina to see why we have these problems... I have the card for nearly 10 years an this is the first time
  • mfpmfp Member Posts: 8
    Hi Dan, thank you for your help. My customer ID is 1774022. Thank you in advance.
  • MaryPMaryP Member Posts: 1
    I've had the same problem for almost a week, I can only shop online. Every time I try to shop at the stores where I usually buy my grocery, my card gets rejected (Error 05 or Error 30). Do you think this will be solved any time soon?
  • faOlfaOl Member Posts: 2
    Hi Dan, My customer ID is 18530566. Thanks!
  • mga71mga71 Member Posts: 7
    Hi Dan! Here is my info: "Customer ID 1566679". Thanks!
  • MotoDogMotoDog Member Posts: 2
    edited August 2018
    Same here, been having the same issue only on Posnet devices, it works online and on the ATM but I cannot make purchases on most of the stores I've used to until now (almost all of them uses Posnet).
    I live in the Santa Cruz province, Customer ID 1789310
  • MarceloRinesiMarceloRinesi Member Posts: 5
    edited August 2018
    Same here, @Dan_Payoneer . Customer ID 3271669.
  • paulappaulap Member Posts: 1
    Hi Dan! Same here... My customer ID is 20692141. Thanks!
  • fditatafditata Member Posts: 1
    Same here for many people in Mendoza, Argentina.

    Postnet not working, Link ATM not working, only Banelco with high fees.

    Customer ID 643525

    Literally we can't use our money, only for buy online, but we need cash for pay our bills and life. Payoneer support you should gives us an answer/information about this situation soon. We're using your services for more than 5-6 years without any problem. Thanks
  • mga71mga71 Member Posts: 7
    Yes! as the above client says, we can't use our money, and we need it for our daily life. Please give as asap an information of what is happening. I'm using your services for nearly a decade, without any problems. Thanks in advance
  • mfpmfp Member Posts: 8
    Hi Dan, do you have any news about this? Thank you!
  • mga71mga71 Member Posts: 7
    Sorry Dan, we have not heard from you in many days... Have this been solved? Do you have any news?
  • mfpmfp Member Posts: 8
    I called Mastercard Argentina and the only answer from them was ask to your credit card issuer.
    How difficult is for your "teams" to call Mastercard and ask if they have a problem in Argentina with Link's ATM?
  • mfpmfp Member Posts: 8
    Any news?? We are still waiting for an answer. Ten days for an update! Dan are you still there?
  • mfpmfp Member Posts: 8
    Yes Dan I know.
  • pikachupikachu Member Posts: 1
    Same issue here, I'm unable to withdraw money from Link ATMs. Customer ID: 3749784
  • MarceloRinesiMarceloRinesi Member Posts: 5
    @Dan_Payoneer I just received the following reply to the customer support request I opened on this issue:

    "Following an extensive investigation of this matter, we were not able to identify any errors or declines originated in ours or MasterCard's system. Kindly note, that declines come from the merchants' end. We suggest that your reach out to the merchants who are declining your Payoneer card and have them contact their card processor in order to find the root cause of the reported declines. We strongly believe that the failure to process these transactions must be originating in their system. Moreover, after examining the usage statistics of our cards in Argentina, we were not able to find any abnormalities that could have indicate a technical issue on our end."

    Is this the official position of Payoneer on this? It'd be reasonable if it were a single merchant/ATM network, or if it were happening to a single person. But for many people, beginning at exactly the same time, on multiple/all retail POS and at least one ATM network? It might not be Payoneer's fault, but certainly there is *some* central point of failure here, and we Payoneer customers lack the access and resources to find out. The diagnostic of CS, given that that I'm to a large degree being unable to access my salary, and their "solution", is... Well, insufficient, to use a polite term.
  • mga71mga71 Member Posts: 7
    Hello @Dan_Payoneer, nearly a month and still we don't have news... Why payoneer can't contact Link and Mastercard Argentina to solve this? Thanks in advance
  • wadahe2018wadahe2018 Member Posts: 1
    Hello!!! Finally I was able to get money from Link network in Argentina!!! Amount $AR3.500 (maximum allowed so far, $3.600 and above got error) and $AR 231,60 of fee YAY
    Hola!!! Por fin pude extraer dinero desde un ATM de Link (Banco Nación) Máximo permitido $3.500, probé $3.600 y ya no se puede, y sólo $231,60 de fee contra $400 de fee de Banelco por $3.600 retirados.
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