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Changed my email on Payoneer, is it affected to the service that linked to my Payoneer account?

frlnc Member Posts: 2
Hi, I have a question, hope you could help to clear it out. I'm working on a marketplace site, in this site I linked my Payoneer email to receive payment. I changed my Payoneer account few months ago, but today I request a payout from the marketplace site that is still linked to my old Payoneer email. Is there any problem would be occured for this action?

Thanks in advanced.


  • frlnc
    frlnc Member Posts: 2
    > @Dan_Payoneer said:
    > Hi, this shouldn't effect services or subscriptions with other providers.

    Thank you, I've received the payment today. Could I delete this thread myself or could you help me to do it?