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I'm very new to Payoneer. I have set up an account earlier but I will start to use as I get my Freelance tax number very soon. I am from Turkey.

I will works as a freelance/self employed and I will only request payments from individuals and definetely not from companies and/or marketplaces. How does requesting payment system works ? Do we send a Virtual Pos only ? or a non-payoneer user can also sign in payoneer and able to make payment ?I will be very happy if you can enlighten me .
My other question is does Payonner enable to receive payment from Papua Guinea as a person living in Turkey ? Can we get payment from individuals all over the world or is there any country limitation ? My fees will be in USD currency.


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    Hello Dan, I have a youtube channel and I do Tarot Readings. As people contact me through e-mail and asking for a tarot reading, I provide video record of their reading and send them by mail. My web site is the channel's address on youtube. I do not have a additional web site. Could you please enlighten me about the terminology, what does to accumulate payments from market places first means ?
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    Thank you very much being so kind to reply
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    For instance Etsy. Can this be a example for freelance market place. ? I just wonder why youtube is not a category as a freelance market place because the work I put there is displayed in a channel.
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    Hi Dan, Lots of people from Turkey were using Etsy before Pay Pal has stopped operations in Turkey. I have never made research but what I know people are no more using Etsy due to the restrictions for Turkey. My problem is I am coming and living from Turkey and most of the services are limited when Turkey is in concern. I just give example as Etsy but I have no idea which market place will be convenient for my type of service also applicable for Turkey. I really no idea what to do. There are lots for graphic designers, photographers..etc but I have no idea which free market place can be suitable for a Tarot Reader. This type of service is not that much and rare. I have no idea with what alternative freemarket places can be well combined with Payoneer.
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    Hi Dan, one question My readings are recorded in videos which mean I produce videos. Freelance Market Places have video production sections and many categories such as tech, writing..etc However spiritual guidance category as you appreciate is not a common thing really and as far as I know from youtube tarot community they either use Etsy t or Vimeo to make Tarot videos rented. (These are prerecorded tarot readings for common rent)
    My problem is living in Turkey and having no pay pal. What I would like to tell; whatever the content I give afterall I produce videos. In a way this job is a production. Do you think rather narrowing my choice as a spiritual service; can I make my option wider and rather find a market place for video production ? Because Tarot reading is in nature is a storytelling and in youtube we do it under the arts&entertainment category. So my point is actually the definition of my work. Can I have an idea from you, what you think ?
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    I would like to mention one find; I have just checked UPWORK, there is a category in spirituality, self help astrology and numerology. I guess this can be a suitable category . My question is do you work with UPWORK. Can I able to use Payneer in UPWORK and Do you have any idea about their withdrawl ? Your answers so far helping me to take right steps, thank you Dan
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    Unfortunately UPWORK is not accepting my work. I couldn't find any tarot reader friendly marketplace. It is so sad. I am talking with transferwise now. They do not require marketplace. Thanks for your response and willing to help.
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    Yes Dan definetely I do agree however, what you have proposed depends on the nature of your work . At the age of technology there are many ways that you can promote your work. For instance I have a youtube channel which is already promoting my work in a mirocosmos level since platforms like youtube are like the nucleus universe of space. What I have intended is to lead people to a certain payment model so that they can purchase what they have just watched on youtube. I am not selling shoes, tshirts or anything in that nature. I think it is a mattar of vision. Youtube for me is the freemarket place of Tarot Readings because it creates interaction. I am not able to put a video in a marketplace. Plus, in the world of tangible services, consultation is another level and lately there is a market and community on youtube for that which makes the rightful nature of that service. That is why it is important to understand the nature of a service. Demands, technology changes rapidly and what I have described you is currently the popular nature of my work and it is through youtube. The problem with UPWORK was, they do not see this service as a demand, actually it is. This is something only we service provider can know or else marketplaces definetely needs more visionary look on things rather than limiting themselves with certain mainstream services. Even I establish a website, I can not sell a tarot reading with numbers, first I need to speak to the querent and understand their needs and tailor a reading for them and determine price of it. This is not well grasped by payment services and freemarket places.
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    Hello Dan, do you work with Go Transcript?
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