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[IMPORTANT] There may be a serious problem with Payoneer Bank Transfer method

mustafat21 Member Posts: 9

Hi there,

I've registered to Payoneer about 5-6 years ago and received payments via Payoneer lots of time without any problem. I also recomended Payoneer to lots of my friends for getting payments.

This is first time I wanted to get payments via Payoneer again in 2018 but there is something strongly wrong at this time. I'll try to explain it below.

I received a payment (About 724 TRY) from a company via Payoneer on August 14 and then Payoneer forwarded it to my bank account as it always has been. But I didn't receive that payment to my bank account although 2 weeks passed.

And here is the more interesting one;
On August 23, I have received a bank transfer (409 TRY) to my bank account which related to Payoneer.
I couldn't know the sender. His name was a Turkish name like mine. By the way, banks were closed in Turkey on August 23 because of holiday. So, I thought that someone sent me some money by a mistake then i tried to find him on social media. I could find him on Facebook and talked about that transfer. He said that he didn't make such a transfer but he could say money amount and my IBAN number when he checked his bank account's transactions. So I refunded that money to him. (I can send screenshots of this dialogs if there is a Payoneer admin who knows Turkish)

After a while, when i checked my e-mails, i realized that Payoneer sent me an another bank transfer in SAME AMOUNT (409 TRY) in SAME DAY.

So? How is that possible?

Money came through another customer of my bank. But I refunded his money because i didn't realize that my company sent me an another payment via Payoneer on that day.

So, my two payments (724 TRY + 409 TRY) are lost and i didn't receive them.


  • mustafat21
    mustafat21 Member Posts: 9

    So? Anyone here to care about this problem?
    My last two payments are lost?
    Also created a support ticket and no answer.

    Customer ID 1321600