Hi everyone

amazoncuamazoncu Posts: 6Member
Hi all, I would like to meet Payoneer community.

Where are you from?

Have a nice day.


  • amazoncuamazoncu Posts: 6Member
    Hi, Amazon sent my payment 5 days ago but my accounts still 0. If anyone know ? I already created case in Payoneer help but the robots replied automaticly "there is no payment for you".

    Reference ticket number #180905-004742

    Could you please check because I asked to Amazon yesterday they said "we already sent to your account".

  • HenriscotechHenriscotech Posts: 1Member
    Please am new here can Godly person help me on how to be successful with this platform
  • amazoncuamazoncu Posts: 6Member
    thx dude. I hope it will be fine for us this platform
  • amazoncuamazoncu Posts: 6Member
    It's Canada Dollars (CAD) but money should be convert while transferring to USD account. Also I've already connected with Amazon Store Manager with API code.
  • amazoncuamazoncu Posts: 6Member
    > @Dan_Payoneer said:
    > Hi, there's a good chance it has bounced due to a currency mismatch.
    > Can you tell me what was the latest update about it please?

    There is no bounced payment on my Amazon account. Also as far as I know Amazon sent money with convert (CAD to USD)

    also I applied for create CAD account on Payoneer 13 days ago but there is no news or update. But I remember that system give me a message "wait 7 days for proceess".

    By the way Amazon will send another payment on 13th September to my Payoneer account but we can't resolve this problem.
  • amazoncuamazoncu Posts: 6Member
    now I got it. My problem has been solved. Thank you @Dan_Payoneer
  • BorgNashBorgNash Posts: 7Member
    Hello! Welcome to the forum!
  • borasahinborasahin Posts: 5Member
    How was the issue solved? I applied to a CAD account as well, several days ago. However, there is no news. I received USD currency today, but it would be more convenient if I could receive CAD from my Amz.ca account.
  • EdwinPayoneerEdwinPayoneer Posts: 384Confirm Email, Member, Administrator ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    HI there @borasahin . Right now the CAD currency account is one being issued in limited quantities. Applying is the correct first step to gain access to this but for now, all you can do is wait for a response. We are working hard to expand this service soon so it can be available for more users.

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