Hi everyone

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Hi all, I would like to meet Payoneer community.

Where are you from?

Have a nice day.


  • amazoncuamazoncu Posts: 6Member
    Hi, Amazon sent my payment 5 days ago but my accounts still 0. If anyone know ? I already created case in Payoneer help but the robots replied automaticly "there is no payment for you".

    Reference ticket number #180905-004742

    Could you please check because I asked to Amazon yesterday they said "we already sent to your account".

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    Please am new here can Godly person help me on how to be successful with this platform
  • amazoncuamazoncu Posts: 6Member
    thx dude. I hope it will be fine for us this platform
  • amazoncuamazoncu Posts: 6Member
    It's Canada Dollars (CAD) but money should be convert while transferring to USD account. Also I've already connected with Amazon Store Manager with API code.
  • amazoncuamazoncu Posts: 6Member
    > @Dan_Payoneer said:
    > Hi, there's a good chance it has bounced due to a currency mismatch.
    > Can you tell me what was the latest update about it please?

    There is no bounced payment on my Amazon account. Also as far as I know Amazon sent money with convert (CAD to USD)

    also I applied for create CAD account on Payoneer 13 days ago but there is no news or update. But I remember that system give me a message "wait 7 days for proceess".

    By the way Amazon will send another payment on 13th September to my Payoneer account but we can't resolve this problem.
  • amazoncuamazoncu Posts: 6Member
    now I got it. My problem has been solved. Thank you @Dan_Payoneer
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    Hello! Welcome to the forum!
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