Transaction status "Pending"

EugEug Posts: 2Member
Hello, I need help.

I have transaction

Transaction ID 90326994
Payment request ID 2776405
status "Pending"
30 Aug 2018

Already 7 days as nothing happens.

Sorry for writing here but, I made a request for support, and I still have not received an answer.
Reference Number 180903-010819 (09/03/2018)


  • EugEug Posts: 2Member
    Please transfer this to the correct category o:)
  • StockerFXStockerFX Posts: 3Member
    Where correct category? I have the same problem, last month I was robbed and the credit card was stolen with other things, a few days ago I received a new card but the balance was partially replenished completely. and there are firms that pay me money every month, and now they have not come, although payments have been made to me by companies, but the card is not display it on the balance, since July 23 there have been no new payments, Shutterstock , Pond5 ,iStock, Videohive, Getty in the past month was last apyment and no more and this month did not come .I see status pending for the pond 5, shutterstock, but nothing , they not come in my balance..and other companies apso pay me, but on balance i dont see this.
    what i need to do
    With best regards, Voliansky Sergey
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