add alternative bank accounts on my Payoneer

hey guys, my account is rejected because of my bank account, so how can I add alternative bank accounts on my Payoneer. please help me.


  • marzan07373marzan07373 Member Posts: 4
    My Customer ID: 28089445
  • marzan07373marzan07373 Member Posts: 4
    I know, you guys will tell me. I was created other account using my passport and I can not create another account. (That time, when I was applying using my passport. I was not 18 years old. that was the reason why you guys reject me. now I am 18 years old. at this moment where you give also rejecting me because I previously applied for payonner.) I buy violet your terms and condition. I know I did that. but is there any way I can remove my previous accounts and get a new account. because I really need it. please help me.
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