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Why my transaction is on a pending status more then 7 days?

I am new in Payoneer, create a new account. My friend send me money at Sep.7. The transaction is appear in Transactions in "pending" status. Payoneer request from me some data to verify a payment, so I added it (all is on subbmited status now). But nothing changed - transactions is on "pending " status is for a 7 days... What information I must added or where I must write to solve this problem?

Transaction ID: 91205381


  • sammyblackwiseman
    sammyblackwiseman Member Posts: 38 ✭✭

    Hey...I have the same problem and I've submitted all the required documents and no updates from payoneer. Pls can you patch me through to payment approval team.. I resent the screenshots again from a Computer as mobile screenhots are not accepted and all the fields are on submitted....that's on verifying payments. I've gotten my ID approved in the past while opening the global payment service.
    Costumer ID
    Pls let someone in payment Approval kindly look into this issue for me.
    Thank you.