My transaction is still pending

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What is wrong with your system these days. It has been asking information that it never requested in the past. It asked for identification documents, website, invoice, communication with customer and other information, which I thought was very private and no financial institution should be asking for that. At first, I received a message that said the request was made my mistake after I had already provided the details that were needed then I received another request for more information. What is happening guys? My funds are stuck after I withdrew money from PayPal. I have periodic payments that I have to make with the card and if my account does not have money, my business will be interrupted greatly. From the other threads here, It seems your system is having problems, which you really need to fix fast. I used to receive money in as little as 1 or 2 days. Now it is close to a week with no money. I need my money or you can return it to my PayPal account if you cannot process it.

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    HI Dan..
    I seem to be having the same problem too.. and I have filled all the additional information required and submitred screenshots, I got a response to subit the screenshots from a computer and ivery done that but my payments are still not approved..pls let me know what's happening

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    Costumer ID

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    > @Dan_Payoneer said:
    > Hi Antony, and thanks for reaching out here.
    > I'm sorry to hear about the mixed messaging, and the experience you went through. We will however, require the additional details in order to process the payment.

    Dear Support,
    Do you know how to read? Did you look into my account? I already submitted this information. If you have no interest solving customer's problems, please do not respond. It is frustrating to deal with professionals who start acting like they don't know what they are doing. You asked for the information, I provided that information (you can verify- that's why I provided my customer ID). Now is your turn to act on that information and approve my documents or tell me what next. But don't send generic answers please.
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    I called Payoneer last week and the person who picked the phone said all my documents look good. She even said I should stay on the phone as she talks to the payments department to approve my withdrawal, which I did. Then she got back to me saying it seems to be taking longer than she thought but I should have my transaction approved in a day or two. That has not happened. Instead, today, I received an email saying:

    "Thank you for providing a copy of Invoice.

    Unfortunately, the type of document you sent does not match our request, and we need you to send it again.

    Please enter our secure platform to get the full details. "

    What is wrong now? What has changed from the time I talked to the lady to today? Your continuing holding of my money is becoming ridiculous now.

    It was a PayPal withdrawal of part of my balance. What kind of invoice would be needed in that situation? What email conversion do you need to support that transaction? Why request for information, which you don't even read and understand? > @Dan_Payoneer said:
    > Hi again Anthony, I am a real person, and I'm sorry if I sounded generic.
    > My teams and colleagues will update you as soon as possible.
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    You didn't answer the questions that I raised. I made a withdrawal from my PayPal account. This withdrawal was just a part of my account balance and not an exact amount that I invoiced. So what invoice will I provide in that situation? What email conversation do I need to support that withdrawal? Did you read my previous comment until the end? Don't just read to answer the question; read to understand what my problem is with what is being asked then address my issues from that. I am not asking to be excluded from your new policies. I want to know what i need to do to get past your so called red tape.
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    I already submitted the documents. Please help me resolve the issue asap. It is really frustrating to have such kinds of delays. My businesses are stuck because of this.
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    @AntonyM The information has been requested due to new security requirement and to ensure that your future payments will be processed smoothly . We apologize for the delay, now that the information has been verified, your future income should be processed as it used to be in the past.

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