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TRANSFER from Payoneer to other bank pending for a month, money "lost" !!!

I transferred money from my payoneer account on 8-23 and was told that it was cancelled due to the outside bank account being entered wrong, (my fault.) I WAITED weeks to find this out and only found out by calling to check the status of the transfer. I then, updated the new account and ASSUMED the transfer would be sent to that new bank...but then realized they would probably just put the money back in Payoneer and id have to go in and transfer it back out again to the new bank... well weeks went by and my Payoneer account still says 0.00 dollars. I called (WHEN THEY WERE ACTUALLY OPEN WHICH IS NEVER) AND the guy on the phone said he documented the situation and put in for a request to locate the funds and I should hear something in 2 days. That was on 9/11 and today is 9/15 and i've heard nothing. I told him that it was unacceptable for them to lose my money and not know where it is and that this has been going on since AUGUST. He argued with me that it was my fault for entering the wrong account number during the first transfer attempt. I told him not to argue with the customer, that entering the account number was a completely separate issue and that it still should not take this long to get my money to either transfer to the right account or returned back to Payoneer. Payoneer is untrustworthy and im about to report them to the better business bureau because at this point, I feel robbed!!! They have horrible hours and terrible customer service/follow up. No peace of mind to offer customers. PLEASE SOLVE THIS ISSUE. This money I transferred was my paycheck for is September and I want my money!!!
Customer ID 27744768