i did not receive my payment into bank account ?

WaqarAmjadWaqarAmjad Posts: 13Member ✭✭
i did not receive my payment it almost 5 days now

refrence number : 180915-003487
date of transaction is : 11 sep 2018
amount of transaction : 772$

kindly investigate it
and tell me what 's the problem


  • shenburlaosshenburlaos Posts: 2Member
    Same with me, I have been contacting the email support and the live chat and still no answer.
  • WaqarAmjadWaqarAmjad Posts: 13Member ✭✭
    payoneer service disappointing me again and again
  • sammyblackwisemansammyblackwiseman Posts: 38Member ✭✭

    I guess there has been a problem with payoneer response lately...probably employing more staffs and expanding costumer service would quicken pending processes...costumers have to be patient for now is all..Ive been waiting two weeks to get my payment verified and creduced to my account balance. .got an email to fill additional information which I did and submitted and I still have yet to get a response as to what's going on with the paymen's

    Costumer ID

  • WaqarAmjadWaqarAmjad Posts: 13Member ✭✭
    @sammyblackwiseman did you also not receive your payment ?
  • sammyblackwisemansammyblackwiseman Posts: 38Member ✭✭

    @WaqarAmjad said:
    @sammyblackwiseman did you also not receive your payment ?

    No I didn't receive them and I've received the payments in my account transaction history since 10th but the status is pending and it's yet to affect my balance yet..I'm sure payoneer is working on this issue as I've filled the required information.

    I'd be sure to update here when I've received the payments .

  • WaqarAmjadWaqarAmjad Posts: 13Member ✭✭
    on which date you made transaction ?
  • WaqarAmjadWaqarAmjad Posts: 13Member ✭✭
    how did you contact to payoneer ?
    through chat or call ?
  • g2gprog2gpro Posts: 6Member
    My transaction withrawal was made on the 13th until now nothing yet, even when I chat the customer service , payoneer are not trying at all ;

    Dear Raymond Martin,
    We received your request to withdraw funds from Payoneer. The funds will be deposited in your bank account within 4 business days.
    Withdrawal Details:
    Amount $1840.00
    Reference Number 91982793
    To (Last 4 Digits of Bank Account) 7938
    Transfer Fee $15.00
    From USD Balance
    Amount Transferred to Bank Account $1825.00
  • g2gprog2gpro Posts: 6Member
    The most funny thing is the money has left the account so what is holding it, and I am expecting more payment but I have to tell my client to use other payment methods it is delaying my transaction, because I buy and supply artifact and also do entertainment stuff, and I can not be owing people for money that has been paid, please payoneer
  • sammyblackwisemansammyblackwiseman Posts: 38Member ✭✭

    I've been waiting for more than two weeks to access my funds,takes two days for transaction to reach my account which it eventually did on 10th.but since then payoneer says money is yet to affect my account balance... and all efforts to reach payoneer support prove futile...I love payoneer but this treatment is wicked and cruel ....I've submitted needed additional information required that I submit...I don't see any reason why my money is in Limbo...if payoneer would not process the payments it's only right they cancel them and return the money to where it was sent from....I'm needing to pay urgent medial bills and perform businews processes which is difficult to do now as I'm seeing the payments in transactions but I don't have access to it...WHY payoneer?????¿¿¿¿

    Support only reply with we received your request and it will be processed within three days...is this what we get for trusting you with our hard end cash?

    Lives are at stake now as I'm unable to perform any action even feeding my family is hard ...I didn't expect doing business with payoneer would turn out to be this way...you need to get your act right Pls money hold up is not good for business especially when there is people to pay and issues pending requiring money. . Is it so hard to approve my payments or has payoneer taken liberty is serenading in my sorrow? If you can physically see what the harm not having this money for 14 long days has caused me and my business and my health and thinking I think youd be liberal about it and clear my payments Pls. ..
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  • sammyblackwisemansammyblackwiseman Posts: 38Member ✭✭

    Sorry if I sound unprofessional.... ..I mean it's only been holding for 14 days but How is holding my money for that long without any probable cause and giving no updates what so ever on the matter professional......What reaction would you be expecting from me..I'm only expressing my pain...plus agitating for a quicker resolution to this matter.. thanks

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