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Global payment service

Please confirm is my account verified or not? Can i receive payments? Payoneer is sending me emails about account information to be verfied. As per email i cannot receive funds received in future? Im very confused as i am getting payments successfuly in my account and i have also submitted all documents required. My bank account is also approved. Please help and guide. Can i recieve funds in global payment services in future or not? Also can i transfer my funds into my bank account without ordering a card? I dont want to order card and i want funds to be transfered to my bank directly.


  • sammyblackwiseman
    sammyblackwiseman Member Posts: 38 ✭✭

    You can send money to your local bank account from payoneer but there's usually a limit you should see this when you try to withdraw your funds

  • Razaq
    Razaq Member Posts: 6
    Same issues...I have uploaded the requested documents but still my payoneer account hasn't been credited whereas my client has sent the money.. Pls I need help
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 1,147

    @Razaq you need to contact the support in order to verify why the payment has not been loaded yet, this might be because one of the documents you've provided is not sufficient or maybe because something is missing .
    We also recommend you to keep track of your inbox in order to check if you've received any email coming from our payment team to request what is missing .