If the Payoneer team did not reply me now. if will left payoneer

It has been 3 days since I am trying to contact Payoneer team. I tried their online chat but they are not allowing me to chat. I contacted them through email but no response. Payoneer has a very bad Support. If they did not response now I will delete my account.


  • sammyblackwisemansammyblackwiseman Member Posts: 38 ✭✭

    Payoneer response team take at least 24 hrs to reply depending on the kind of support you're looking get...but I suggest you search thread's here to find any problems relating to the one you're trting to get help with.

  • DrShafiqjalaliDrShafiqjalali Member Posts: 5
    @sammyblackwiseman it has been four days since I have emailed them. but no response. I did not find any thread here that could help me.
  • sammyblackwisemansammyblackwiseman Member Posts: 38 ✭✭

    You can try calling them

    +16466583695...I have pending issues with payment that need resolving...this is actually the first time it's happened so Im trusting payoneer would sort that out for me soon enough..dropped a few comments too I'm just waiting for my thread to reply I've read almost all the topics here I might be able to help you if yours is a related problem.

  • DrShafiqjalaliDrShafiqjalali Member Posts: 5
    @sammyblackwiseman thanks for the reply. My problem is that I have received the PayPal verification amount in my Payoneer but I have not received the 4 digits code with that amount which is necessary for the verification of PayPal.
    Could you please help me how can I get that 4 digit code.
  • sammyblackwisemansammyblackwiseman Member Posts: 38 ✭✭

    It seems very likey that payoneer does not allow you to send your own paments to your own self as it would bridge their TOS, but you can contact support to confirm further details. What I do is signed up for Google pay since my clientele base is in the US and UK and I add my payoneer account directly to it via the global payment service and receive my funds directly to my payoneer...works for me ,well up until now I haven't had any issues with payments.

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