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I need my account approved as soon as possible

Please view my application. I need approval as soon as possible. My Customer ID is 28270776. If you can't approve then send me e-mail that my account cannot be approved. I don't have any patient to wait and see if my application is approved or not. And sorry for my rudeness.


  • mertdabak
    mertdabak Confirm Email, Member Posts: 0
    hello i cant get a credit card because my account has not enough money and i dont know how do i send money on my payoneer account to get a credit card?
  • OmarKarim
    OmarKarim Member Posts: 5
    @mertdabak Hi!
    You can send money to your Payoneer account via the Global Payment Service, you only can use your EUR balance informations to receive payments from individuals. Send the équivelant of 30 USD from your friend's bank account or e-wallet like Paysera. Remember only SEPA transfers are accepted in Payoneer.
    PS: - You can't send money from your bank or e-wallet account to your Payoneer account you need to ask someone else to send the money to your Payoneer account.
    - There are some e-wallets that are not supported by Payoneer like Skrill.
  • OmarKarim
    OmarKarim Member Posts: 5
    @rajluitel2k1 Hi!
    Call them by phone and they will solve your problem.
    You can find the phone number in the support center.
  • rajluitel2k1
    rajluitel2k1 Member Posts: 2
    I need update on my status as soon as possible
  • omniabadawi
    omniabadawi Member Posts: 4
    I have the same issue and I have no time seriously
    My customer id is 27236687
    Please find time to see and fix this
    I just wanna to approve my account if you wanna any information please told me
    I hope u will reply soon
  • swade1
    swade1 Member Posts: 1
    I wonder why payonner support service is so ineffective. Its been over one week i submitted my id card for approval and my account has not been approved
    Please payonner look into this.

    Customer ID: 26715737