8th day without transaction approval

Hi, I got transaction that is pending from 14th of September.
Two days ago I was asked to upload my work contract, invoice and email communication so that transaction could be approved. I did that minutes later.
From that point on I can't open customer support center to check if everything is OK. I had transactions for the same amount and from the same company 3 time before this and everything went fine. Why is this a problem now? This is not cool guys. It's my only income and now this is making me a lot of problems especially with my bills etc. Please help me!

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  • Uros_MiticUros_Mitic Member Posts: 6
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    Today the transaction and my documents got approved. Support agent also informed me that this will not happen again since my documents are fully approved now.


  • Uros_MiticUros_Mitic Member Posts: 6
    @Dan_Payoneer sorry to bother You like this but can You please help me out with this transaction?
    I would not usually be so anxious but it's a end of a month and bills will not wait for me... :-(
  • xfx_wdxfx_wd Member Posts: 25 ✭✭

    I thought I am the only one who faces this issue, now I see most of people having the same issue. What's going on ?

  • Uros_MiticUros_Mitic Member Posts: 6
    @xfx_wd I have got an answer from Payoneer that they are doing their best to handle this case.
    I do hope this will be sorted out soon. I did noticed that I am not the only one with this issue.
    That's good and bad at the same time. Good-because that indicates my transaction is probably ok.
    Bad-it could indicate that Payoneer is having issues with the transfers and that's scary.
    Really hope they are just having big amount of work to finish for some reason and transactions are late because of that.
  • xfx_wdxfx_wd Member Posts: 25 ✭✭

    @Uros_Mitic Mine got approved after 5 days. I think its normal. It happens to me very few times to delay approval.

  • Uros_MiticUros_Mitic Member Posts: 6
    @xfx_wd Great, thanks for the information!
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