Payment pending for 16 days

AaronblissAaronbliss Posts: 5Member
My payment (global eur) is pending for 16 days now. I’ve uploaded all requested information. After 7 days I opened a support ticket but haven’t recieved any answers. I opened a topic on this forum wich was removed because it contained private information.

If this doesn’t get resolved soon I will make an official complaint with the bank that issues IBAN account for Payoneer (Wirecard Bank AG) and the Federal reserve as well.
Ill keep you updated regarding the status of the complaints.


  • AaronblissAaronbliss Posts: 5Member
    edited September 21
    Just now I recieved a notification from support that they are still reviewing the transaction.
  • AaronblissAaronbliss Posts: 5Member
    edited September 25
    Payment pending for 20 days now. Totally disstatified with the way this is beeing handled. Will move forward with filing official complaints.
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