How can I receive payment from a customer when the request a payment option isn't available for me

umeelvisumeelvis Member Posts: 6
I provided freelance writing for a company (SportsKeeda), and I'm due for payment. I was told by the company that only when I request a payment from my profile can they facilitate my payment.

However, that option isn't available to me, and I would like to know what other options are available for me, as I have passed the deadline for payment. Thanks.

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  • umeelvisumeelvis Member Posts: 6
    Hi Cristale, the company is an Indian company, and they insisted I have to send a request to them first through the Payoneer platform before receiving my payment. Also, the global payment services doesn't work with Indian companies. I'll like to know how I can receive my funds, as the 'request a payment' option is not available on my profile. I'm located in Nigeria.
  • umeelvisumeelvis Member Posts: 6
    Hi Cristale, I must say I was very impressed with your proffered solution, as it solved my need. Good job and thank you very much.
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