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will my funds will be transferred into new card with different card number?

Hi, payoneer community

I applied for card and its estimated arrival was 2-jan-2017
but card didn't arrived.. the card ends with 7612

I made a trancation from fiverr, and funds were transferred in in that card.. but I have no card to to activate, and in that card there are 95.40 USD in card (ends eith 7612 )

now I applied for another one and it is coming on 8-oct-2018. the card ends with 4558
will be my funds transferred in new card, i.e for that 7615 to 4558 ???

both cards have different number..
I need your help...


  • bognenova
    bognenova Member Posts: 6
    @Dan_Payoneer grateful if you could help me with the following question: my old card expires in 11/18 and I have already applied and received a new one. However, I still haven't activated the new one as I have funds on the old one. I assume that the funds will be transferred to the new one once I activate it as per Payoneer's T and C? Thanks