I receive payment but thats not seen in my payoneer account still

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I receive payment with Global P.S. 5 days ago , but my euro balance still €0.00.I already created case in Payoneer help but the robots replied automaticly "We see that you have not yet received any payments through the Global Payment Service to your Payoneer account".i have document about payment and i sent to payoneer support.(like Screenshot of the transaction,date that the payment was sent).Reference ticket number: #180921-012500
I need a help.
Best regards.


  • akif9403akif9403 Member Posts: 6
    Firstly thanks for answer.I receive from EU based sender.I think thats wasnt wire transfer because he sent money from Rabobank.(I know, should be money transfer in same bank for wire transfer).I guess he did money transfer with Sepa.(I asked this him, I will write here a clear answer).

  • akif9403akif9403 Member Posts: 6
    I talk with sender.He is made a mistake and sent dollar.He will send again euro.Thanks a lot for help.
  • akif9403akif9403 Member Posts: 6
    I tried to receive a payment from a individual.He sent dollar to my EU account so error was caused by the sender.There isnt problem now.Thanks a lot for help.
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