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Pending Transactions Why now the issue as been OK for 4 months.

Been only with Payoneer for a few months, called Support, 2 times and no issues.

Today and two days ago got 3 transaction HELD Pending, yet some 10 other payments went straight through.

Being a small sole Trader, I rely on the funds for my work, but now in HOLD make you thank that there could be issues.

Called this morning Payoneer, and talk ALL OK, with account. but would not tell me why out of the blue these 3 transactions are Pending.

Not very good and with no honest answers thinking of switching back to Banking payments only.

Have sent an email to Support 48 hours ago, not a reply.

Soon Payoneer I will start Posting Bad Reviews if not solved.

Thanks for reading


  • Uros_Mitic
    Uros_Mitic Member Posts: 6
    I am having similar issues. Only difference is that after five days they requested additional documents for the transaction to be approved.
    I did send them the docs and this is now my fifth day from the docs submission without getting approval.
    Had a call/live chat/ticket and twitter communication with Payoneer but still nothing. Operators are saying they are doing the best they can to speed up the transaction review but that did not helped just yet.
    Managed to find out that documents/transaction review can take up to five days so if that is the case I should get my approval today. I will let you know just so you could know how much this issue will probably last for you.