i entered usa bank account details for the paypal verification / how will i verify it?

PayPal sent 2 payments to my USA bank account.
So i should enter these amounts to confirm it.
How will i see these payments?

Thank you,


  • AbdulZnAbdulZn Member Posts: 1
    Am also a victim of this, how should we go about it, its taking too long...
  • Jackell97Jackell97 Member Posts: 1
    If I understand your question correctly, you would like to verify the small bank deposits that PayPal sends out when they are attaching your bank account.
    1st, go to your bank account online & find the small deposits sent from PayPal.
    2nd, go to your PayPal account, sign in, then you will be asked on that website what the 2 deposits are.
    3rd, put the amounts on the website & you will then be verified by PayPal.
    I hope this helps! I know it can be frustrating when you want use to how a system works. :)
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