How to link my account payoneer to paypal ?

rezkingrezking Posts: 1Member
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hi guys, how can you link a prepaid payoneer card to paypal without being in a country incompatible with the global banking system "algeria"
thank you so much


  • aamirhackeraamirhacker Posts: 40Member ✭✭

    Your payment account must be of the USA, then attach your Bank Account of Payoneer (First Century, not Bank of America. You can contact CS to change your bank), then attach your Payoneer Master Card.

  • AbdulZnAbdulZn Posts: 2Member
    Hi guys, Have also been trying to confirm my Payoneer bank account I added on PayPal, but its been more than two days now, my Payoneer account has not received the confirmation payment. Why is is like so pls, I need it ASAP...
  • Cristale_PayoneerCristale_Payoneer Posts: 1,261Administrator ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @AbdulZn Did you receive a confirmation message that it has been successfully linked to PayPal?

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