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I am Rabbani bulbul from Bangladesh.I apply 2nd time for payoneer card because first application was more typing error. so I cannot complete it.And than I apply 2nd time .but Payoneer Card Approval Department give me same answer in 25 October 2011 and 28 October 2011. Payoneer Card Approval Department give me following answer two time
(Dear Rabbani Bulbul,
Thank you for your reply!
This is an automatic reply. If you are replying with requested updated information and/or documentation regarding your Payoneer application, we will review the information and/or documentation and update your application status as soon as possible.
Your inquiry has been assigned to a representative. You should hear back from us within five business days.
To help track your inquiry we have generated a reference number. Your ticket code is LTK52908115437X. Please use this code in any further communication.
If your email is not regarding a new card approval issue, please make a new assistance request through our web form: http://www.payoneer.com/EmailForm.aspx.
Thank you,
Payoneer Card Approval Department)
my ticket code is LTK52908146899X.I can not find right answer for my problem.Now what is the my response or duty for order card? My 2nd application information is same as 1st application only e mail address is not same.my big question!2nd application rejected by payoneer?please give me right information for order card.I apply two time for card is it problem? now how to cancel first application.my 2nd application is okay.


  • Talia
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    Hi Rabbani,

    It can take a few business days for our card approval department to review your application. Since you just applied yesterday, it will probably take a few more days for you to receive an answer. Once the department has reviewed the application, you will receive an answer from them about whether or not it wa approved.

    Thanks for your patience :-)
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  • amrantex
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    Hi, Bangladeshi friend. I am Bangladeshi from uttara.Someday ago I send a request for getting a card. but I didn't get it.
    How I get this card. help me to get this card. thanks