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Withdrawal of funds

VicMorales75 Member Posts: 2
Good morning,

As a brand new customer I was anxiously looking forward to receiving and withdrawing a payment I received this morning that was sent to me on Friday. Much needed money for services I provided a client in the U.S.

Little did I know that I would not be able to withdraw those funds due to "minimum monetary restrictions" apparently Payoneer has on the country where I am currently in which is Guatemala (this applies to countries outside the US). Something that should be clearly stated when one is first registering to open an account with them. After contacting customer service, the only option they left me with is to close this account and find another provider that will be willing to allow me to access my money no matter the amount.


  • VicMorales75
    VicMorales75 Member Posts: 2
    I have an update: My limit was lowered, great, fantastic. Just this one time in order to close my account. Lovely.

    After I initiated the withdrawal per their instructions I received a disturbing message that indicated my funds will now be available to me in 3 to 5 business days. To add insult to injury was charged yet another fee for this process making the total fees I've been charged to about $20. I called customer service one more time where I spoke with a "Mark"who was completely insensitive if not rude about my predicament especial when I indicated the extreme need to access these funds. For my peace of mind if not appeasement I simply wanted to know why it would take so many days to reach my account. He just repeated that it goes thru several of Payoneers partner banks before getting to mine. I'm like what? is this correct? Money laundering anyone? Suffice it to say this left me with a horrible, horrible impression. If any of this was stipulated anywhere in the terms & conditions or anywhere else posted on their website, fine, I accept my negligence if not stupidity for not being more careful about who I select to do these transactions for me. But it wasn't. Not anywhere. Now I'm left to stew in fury and wallow in frustration. Thank you for the experience Payoneer!!!!!