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Can I use some help?

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Hello there. I recently opened an account on and decided to open a payoneer account so that I could order and use the fiverr pre paid card and use it without having to use a bank account. The problem started where I used the wrong link in my account to that. I chose the "Link an account" button instead of "Fiverr revenue card" (Well I just messed up. Ikr.)
Anyhow I went on the sign up form and on the last step, I was asked to provide bank account details instead of providing an address to get my card. I asked a friend of mine to let use her bank account details, So that I could finish signing up on payoneer and get my pre paid card from fiverr. By the time I figured out I was on the wrong form this whole time, I had already created the account and my friends bank account was approved. I headed back to fiverr for the other link but I think I messed it up and can't get the fiverr pre paid card now. Now I'm trying to remove my friends bank account since I don't need it, Whether I get the fiverr pre paid card or not. But I can't remove the account since it seems to be attached to my payoneer account.
I know I got myself into a real mess but is there any chance I could get some help to either remove the bank account or at least get my fiverr revenue card? Or is it too late and I have to say goodbye to my payoneer account and everything?

EDIT: Googling around, It seems that my last option would be to cancel my account and re open it using the other sign up form from fiverr's revenue card link. Is that it?


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    You were probably asked to provide a bank account because it is requested since the default option to access your payments is to withdraw the funds to your bank account. But, if you do not want to withdraw to a bank account, the option to order a card will become available on your online account once you've reach the minimum of 30USD!