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Payment Could Not Be Delivered to You

Sohaib88 Member Posts: 1
I provide Accounting and Bookkeeping service to US based company from Pakistan. We originally used to work with Upwork but as we moved to a recurring contract, I decided to use Payoneer's Global Payment Service instead. I received my first monthly payment from them with no issues.

However, my second was withheld and I was asked to submit the invoice, email correspondence & my agreement, which I provided. Today, I received an email from Payoneer that my payment couldnt be delivered to me and that my Global Payment Service has been discontinued.

I contacted the live chat to inquire about the reason and they told me that it was against their terms and conditions. I have read the terms and conditions and I dont fall under the prohibited transactions. I even inquired about how can I fix the issue and they told me that it can't be done because of undisclosed reasons.

I can't understand why can't I receive payment for Accounting Services rendered and why can't this confusion be cleared to fix the issue. Is there any possibility if my customer calls the payoneer office and explains the situation?

Any help would be appreciated.