What is the longest time you had to wait for payment approval?

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I was paid by a client from CA, US by ACH. My payment has been pending for 22 days and counting. screenshot of the proof prnt.sc/l40d8u . I was asked to provide documents, one document failed and I resubmitted that 11 days ago. Yet, the documents are not reviewed yet. I have been in touch with the Payoneer support team, and they cannot say anything solid either.

Is it usual for payment department to take this long time? What is the longest you had to wait for a payment? What had you done to get the payment approved other than waiting?

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    @Cristale_Payoneer , after being tired of too many additional questions from the payment department regarding the payee, I decided to cancel the payment. Now, it has been 4 days since the cancellation and the payment department is still reviewing the cancellation procedure! I have been in touch with the Payoneer support department at least once every single day in last 14 days and all I have been learning/hearing is that I need to wait for another day or two for the result. I have started using Payoneer in 2008. I have been using Payoneer consistently for last 4 years and I never felt this hopeless (and vaulnerable) ever before.


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    @fireball003 it's frightening to know how the financials of customers are being treated here. I myself awaiting a response from the support from the last week on a similar problem, been waiting for more than 5 hours each day on chat line to not be connected to an agent, their email support simply does not reply and mark your request resolved.
    What documents were you asked for?
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    Dear @fireball003 Thank you for sharing your experience here on the forum. We understand that you have been experiencing some difficulties receiving a payment that was transferred to your Payoneer account because of the verification details. It can happen if the information are insufficient or not clear enough to show where the payment comes from. The waiting time then really depends of the time you've been communicating with the support because the transfer and review time together should only take up to 5 business days. We understand that the situation is inconvenient and are sorry to hear about this. We always recommend to question our support about every little detail that you may have any doubt about in order to avoid this type of situation, misunderstanding or any inconvenience.

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    Dear @dhanalakshmi what is the issue you have been experiencing?

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    > @Cristale_Payoneer said:
    > Dear @dhanalakshmi what is the issue you have been experiencing?

    I have been contacting chat support after waiting for upto 5 hours on the line and they are still reviewing the payments. I submitted all the required verification information. The whole process is taking too long (unlike conventional banking). It took me 5 days for the funds to show in Payoneer transcation after an ACH by my customer. Its been under Pending status since then, don't know when will your Payments department get time to approve them.

    For me Payoneer till now has been stressful, will have to wait and watch what happens next.

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