I tried withdrawing some money, i was billed but not credited.kindly assist

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I was billed today while trying to withdraw some money, please assist


  • Ezinnejoyy12
    Ezinnejoyy12 Member Posts: 6
    I was billed but credit, my money was deducted please assist
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    Dear @Ezinnejoyy12 Generally, when the ATM does not dispense cash the transaction is pending authorization until it is released by the bank, it usually takes 7 to 10 business days (Saturday and Sunday do not count as business days). However, if the transaction is charged before or after the released date, you can dispute it. Our representatives provide you with a dispute form you need to fill in and send back as soon as possible. To keep track of the transaction, check your "Upcoming transactions" in your online account, on your transaction list.

    For more information about how to check it , please visit our dedicated FAQ page in our support center.