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Blocked Account

koko3 Member Posts: 3
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I can't log into my payoneer account. My account is blocked without showing any reason to me. Few day ago my account showing USD and blocked. Nobody informed me about that. I wanted to log into my account and I can not. I can't withdraw money from the ATM because the ATM rejects the card as unknown and asks me to contact the payoneer. Live chat doesn't work. The email response seems automated. They don't give me detailed answers and reasons. Is over 3000 dollars on my payoneer account I have no access. I am on payoneer for 3 years and they have no respect for the client. This is a big scam! Payoneer give me back my money!


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    Dear @koko3 There may be different reasons why your account is blocked, this is not something that we usualy do not do on purpose. But if do not get any reply via email, you can contact the support via our social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter by sending a private message, you can call the 1-646-658-3695 as well.