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Payment on Hold -- Possible Incorrect Information Displayed

Hello. This is my customer ID: 24288566

I've recently sent a payment request to a client for an amount of $2170. Later I received a notification email from Payoneer saying that the payment sent to me is currently on hold. I can't upload attachments to this post, and I can't include links. So the following will have to do:


A payment sent to you is currently on hold. To process your payment successfully, we need additional information from the payer.

Payment ID: 96745221
From: [email protected]
Amount: 2170.0000

We have asked the payer to provide the required information within the next 7 business days. If we do not receive the information, the payment will be returned to the payer.


I would like to know why the "From" address ([email protected]) is my own address, when the Payment ID 96745221 is supposedly from the payer (my client). Is this normal? I can assure you that I sent the payment request to my client's correct email address. Here's the request ID number: 2881142

Also, my client reported that his bank kept saying that the payment request from Payoneer is a fraud. I would like to know if the first issue above is related to this second issue.

Up until now the payment is still on hold/under review.

Thank you,
- Rafael