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I have requested to cancel the first order of payoneer debit card due to the late processing of your inquiry system now please let me know whether is it yet close or not? if successfully close my first application then please also let me know how can i order payoneer debit card for the second time as well as this time i would like to request you please don't pending my application for a long time. In the case of first application you have pending my application more than 21 days that's why i cancelled the order.

My user name is ''abrahamxpertseo'' and my first card reference number was ''LTK481071375766X''   I have contact with authority of freelancer for wanted to know how can i apply for the second time but it's my painful duty to inform you that they didn't give me any solution. If you really care for the customer then please help me in this regard. It's been so many days i couldn't withdraw any amount of money from my freelancer account.



  • abrahamxpertseoabrahamxpertseo Member Posts: 8

    I am really depressed  that any honorable admin hasn't come forward yet  to help me. I hope they will come forward and help me so that i can overcome this problem.

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    I see you spoke with our support department and have closed your account.


    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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