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Email is not being sent to Payoneer. Can anyone tell me why?

ShafaqAzim Member Posts: 2
I sent an email to Payoneer requesting to remove a funding source. The reply came that I should sent the reason I want to remove the funding source and the name under which my Payoneer Account is registered. I kept sending emails from my email account but the error always cane that thisbis not the account with which my Payoneer account is registered. But the problem is that the email address which I am replying with is the email address registered with my Payoneer account.Can anyone tell me why this is happening?


  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 1,147

    Dear @ShafaqAzim , it is really important to provide our team with the reason why you need to release the funding source from your Payoneer account, because we have to comply with the terms and conditions we agreed on with the mass payout companies we are working with.

    Are you sure that you were not asked to specify the name under which is registered the bank account you provided when you applied? If you were actually asked to provide the name under which your Payoneer account is registered, then there is maybe a mismatch between the name on your ID and the name registered on your account.

    Regarding the email address, you probably applied for two different accounts and this is why you've been told to contact the support from the correct email address. You need to verify your email inbox and check what are the different email address you have in order to verify to which one we've sent you messages and locate the correct one.

  • ShafaqAzim
    ShafaqAzim Member Posts: 2
    I only have one email address registered with my account
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 1,147
    edited October 2018

    This is then a request to provide the name under which the bank account is registered. Since this issue needs to be handled by the support, please keep on communicating with the support via email.

  • Comerciouniversal
    Comerciouniversal Member Posts: 2