Invalid Card when trying to make purchase

Hi there,

I recently got my Freelancer Payoneer card and loaded it with some funds.
I live in Australia and I tried to use this card to pay for my groceries the other night in WoolWorths one of our largest shopping centre chains in AUS.
I tried to debit something like $15 which was definitely present on the account and loaded, and the machine just kept telling me "INVALID CARD".

This is essentially our largest shopping centre chain and would have very mainstream banks running their POS terminals, so I presumed it would be no problem trying to use my card here, but just keep getting INVALID CARD.

I am hesitant to try it anywhere else as I would think if it was going to work anywhere it would be in the massive shopping centre.

Can someone PLEASE help me I now need the money that is on this card desperately.
I am running out of options.

Much appreciated.



  • blade1423blade1423 Member Posts: 3

    Anyone? Please?
    Does anyone know of any Payoneer friendly atms or banks in Australia ?

  • DavidDavid Member Posts: 3,193 ✭✭✭

    The card works where debit MasterCard is accepted.


    Please make sure you have sufficient funds on the card to complete the transaction.

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  • towelwindbreakertowelwindbreaker Member Posts: 2
    blade1423 is correct. Payoneer cards do not work at Woolworths (even though they accept Mastercard). I had my card declined the other day, so I contacted Payoneer via the online chat, and they informed me that one rare occassions transactions get declined, but it is not Payoneer declining them, and that maybe I made a mistake. This morning I tried again at Woolworths, both checking and then savings, both declined.

    However I was easily able to withdraw money from the ATM. I am reluctant to do so because of the transaction fee associated with it, but right now it is the only option for grocery shopping. I am reluctant to try it at other outlets, because having your card declined is embarrassing.
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